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Eleftherios Nicolaou

The Mastermind

Lefteris is the go to person for whatever has to do with realising the brand's activities, actions, operations, materials, how to knowledge, etc. 

Responsible for everything that has to do with the events, sponsorships and the ways to promote MOTIVW.

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Lefteris is a multy-disciplinary creative, having studied Architecture in the UK and Cyprus acts in several creative sectors at the same time. Currently I am doing my practice to get certified as an Architect. In the past you found me at ABR_Alternative Brains Rule, working as a barista and supervisor and big franchises, teaching in an Art School, here and there. Lately I started a side project to promote my passion for coffee, importing quality, high-end coffee related products and machinery for home-use and professionals, called coffeefy (

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