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Ioannis Tsartsides

Fashion Designer

Ioannis is the mastermind of the maxed out creative patterns on the Spring-Summer 2021 collection of bucket hats. He hand produced the original ones and duplicated his perfected the templates for the second version with laser cutting. 

Keep an eye out for this crazy diva and his work!

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Grew up in Cyprus by Greek/Cypriot parents, Ioannis had an interest in History of Art and Decorative Arts. At the age of 13 he discovered his interest in Fashion and Textiles. Since then Ioannis tries to find the link between Art and Fashion with his creations. Hungry to succeed and gain knowledge in fashion industry with a strong eye for colours and designs.

Recently graduated from Huddersfield University with a BA degree in Fashion Design with Textiles, looking forward to gain experience in the Fashion Industry and master he's design and embroidery skills as a Couturier.

Maximalism and subculture are some of his interests, bold prints and modern embroidery techniques are the main characteristics of his work. Postmodern and conceptual fashion always excite Ioannis along with sociopolitical issues, a collection must carry a message, a statement to the world otherwise is worthless. Ioannis also fight against Fast Fashion and always find sustainable ways to execute his creations.

Haute couture is dead and now is the time to bring it back.

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