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Patchwork vest made of dyed Miitary Surplus Uniforms and upholstery samples pillow puffs.

Flowerpuff Vest features a patchwork mix of new and vintage Cypriot National Guard camouflage, British DPM, hunting uniforms and other salvaged fabrics 


Cotton military canvas / DPM

One size

Forward ribbon Fastening

Puffy floral pillow front and back details- recycled pillow stuffing/ upholstery fabric samples

Salvaged and repurposed shirt sample fabric polycotton lining.

Flowerpuff - Gilekaki 2023 - Motivw x Tsak Tsak


The GILEKAKI collection, created in collaboration with TSAK TSAK (Ioannis Tsartsidis) , features upcycled, reclaimed fabrics from military surplus, along with colourfull cuts from couch fabrics sample books, and salvaged fabrics from our previous actions. Explore and Deconstruct the Militarization of the war torn island of Cyprus by remixing the stigmatized fabrics into fun and vibrant styles! The selection of materials makes the vests extremely durable and wear-resistant. Each item is carefully crafted in Cyprus and carries its own identity and story. Wear your unique upcycled vests with pride knowing was made with the environment and people in mind. 

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